A statistical analysis of what factors make an NBA game popular

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Imagine you watched an NBA game and a friend remarks the day later, “Ahh dang, I missed the game! Was it any good?”

What would you respond with?

Maybe you would talk about how high-scoring the game was. Or maybe you’d talk about any big plays down the stretch made by All Stars. Maybe even it was the passing or defense.

In this article, I’m going to use statistical modeling of all the NBA games in the 2019–2020 season to come to an answer on what makes an NBA game fun to watch.

TL;DR: People want extremely close games above…

A Data Analysis of Riding The Bus

Recommended equipment for Ride The Bus

College. It’s a time for things like exploring your personality, finding your values, and making lifelong friends. Those are all well and good, but college is also a time for drinking games! There’s plenty of time in the day for more noble goals, but the night requires novel ways to drink beer or sip gin and tonics. There are plenty of entertaining drinking games, but Ride The Bus in particular raises some interesting data questions.

Drinking games usually incorporate giving others drinks as a reward, having to take drinks as a ‘punishment’, and then a whole lot of luck to…

A Statistical Analysis of the Probability of LeBron Having a 27–7–7 Game

You’ll never win a ring. You’ll never beat the Warriors. You’ll never catch Michael. LeBron has heard it all before and has proved it all wrong in turn. He made it out of Akron to the NBA, brought a championship to Cleveland, and is inching closer and closer to GOAT status by the day. Tell him how low the odds are and he’ll laugh in your face, because he has accomplished almost everything that there is to accomplish. Almost.

There seems to be only one thing that eludes…

Daston Arman

Hello! I am currently a data scientist at Facebook NYC who likes writing a few articles on topics that I enjoy!

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